Innoergy is intelligently creating the future of a decentralised zero
carbon energy system with propriety game changing technology.

The Mission

Our mission is to empower consumers towards a zero-carbon energy system, using our EnergyOS software platform to give consumers visibility and control of their energy, cutting energy costs, reducing carbon emissions and enabling the uptake of renewable technologies enabling the transition to a zero carbon economy.

Our Guiding Principles


We take pride in our power to innovate by taking new ideas and developing them into innovative solutions focused on our transition to a zero-carbon future.


Efficiency stands for highest profitability and effective solution; this means we continuously optimise our technical solutions as well as internal processes.


Comprehensive transparency builds trust and security, this makes us a valuable partner when collaborating with customers and co-workers, we rely on clear, transparent structures and comprehensive decisions.


As the energy system undergoes profound change we will rise to the challenge by anticipating, preparing, responding and adapting our technology to meet that challenge and provide a resilient energy system

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